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The First EFB

PAWSS is a prequel to WxAnalyst LTD - transmitting weather radar in real time to an aircraft in flight.
Crabill, N.L., Dash, E.R. and S.T. Shipley (1993) Pilots automated weather support system (PAWSS), US Patent No. 5,265,024A.

Spectrum Instrument on ISS

Spectrum Flight Test, 6-23 October 2020, Reference: NASA TM 20210021744 (NASA NTRS).
Burns, Gil, Klinko, Brady, Nick, Schuler, Oostdyk, Raines, Yunus, Chaney, Deshmukh, Lane, Gleeson, Rhodes, Murtland, Davis, and Shipley (2021) Spectrum – An Instrument for Multispectral Biological Fluorescence Imaging on the International Space Station.

InMarSat Aviation Safety

InMarSat Invited Presentation, 20 Sep 2019, Chengdu, China
Shipley, S.T. (2019) Benefits of Connectivity through SB-S Based Applications, Conference on Aviation Safety and Digital Communications, Chengdu, China

WxOps COE Comms Patent

US Patent Granted 13 Mar 2018.
Shipley, S.T. and M.D. Spence (2018) Common Operating Environment for Aircraft Operations with Air-to-Air Communications, US Patent No. 9,916,764B2.

WxOps Common Operating Environment

US Patent Granted 6 Jun 2017.
Shipley, S.T. and M.D. Spence (2017) Common Operating Environment for Aircraft Operations, US Patent No. 9,672,747B2..

Method for Filling Radar Gaps

US Patent Granted 23 May 2017.
LaPoint, D.A., Blase, G.E. and S.T. Shipley (2017) System and method for filling gaps in radar coverage, US Patent No. 9,658,324.

WxAzygy(R) Transparent Interface

US Patent Granted 5 Mar 2013.
Shipley, S.T. (2013) Transparent interface used to independently manipulate and interrogate N-dimensional focus objects in virtual and real visualization systems , US Patent No. 8,392,853B2.