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photo of Scott Shipley

Scott T. Shipley, Director

Dr. Shipley received a B.A. in Physics from Beloit College, and his MS and PhD degrees from the Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison. He worked for NASA at the Langley Research Center for 6 years, then moved to private industry in 1986. His 20 years of experience with private industry includes STX, Hughes, Raytheon, and Earth Resources Technology. Dr. Shipley joined the Department of Geography at George Mason University in 1991, and was appointed Research Professor in 2007. He started WxAnalyst in July 2007

Scott is known for his work in lidar (co-inventor of the High Spectral Resolution Lidar) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He assisted NOAA's National Weather Service in its development of ASOS, NEXRAD and AWIPS, and served as Raytheon's Program Lead for NPOESS Ground System algorithms, calibration and validation.

photo of Al Peterlin

Al Peterlin, VP for Business

Al Peterlin received a B.S. in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and Master's degree from Purdue University. He served in the Air Force both on active duty and as a Reserve Weather Officer. After working in the National Weather Service for over 20 years, he moved to the United States Department of Agriculture serving as USDA Chief Meteorologist. Al retired from USDA December 31, 1999 and has worked as a private weather/climate consultant since.

While in NWS, Al worked as a line forecaster and river forecaster, and served in several positions at NWS Headquarters in the NWS Modernization Office. While in the NWS Office of Hydrology, he served as the WSR-88D lead. Al also served as the NOAA Deputy Acquisition Manager for AWIPS.

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