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WxAnalyst featured in NASA Spinoff 2013

March 2014 - NASA Spinoff 2013 features the commercialization of WxAnalyst's WxAzygy Transparent Interface.
Access the full NASA Spinoff 2013 document here.
WxAnalyst is featured on pages 56-57 (click on images to the right).
NASA Spinoff page 56

NASA Spinoff page 57

WxAzygy® Goes Underground in GeoScience Canada

November 2012 - Boggs, Dordevic and Shipley (2012), feature article titled "Google Earth Models with COLLADA and WxAzygy Transparent Interface," in GeoScience Canada, Vol. 39 No. 2 pp 56-66.
Press Release at

October 2012 - WxAzygy® on cover of GeoScience Canada. Press Release at

GeoScience Canada Cover

WxAzygy® Basis Patent Awarded to WxAnalyst

26 October 2012 - Transparent Interface Used To Independently Manipulate and Interrogate N-Dimensional Focus Objects in Virtual and Real Visualization Systems.
Abstract: Method, system, and software for performing independent operations with and upon N-Dimensional spatial and temporal objects displayed in virtual and real visualization systems. The technique applies user selected points or regions of interest in the visualization system to identify corresponding points or regions on transparent focus objects which describe the visualized objects, and which intersect the user's topological line of sight. The resulting set of points or regions are then used to extract information from the focus objects, which provide additional information on object content or location of related file systems. The transparent interface provides intrinsic operations which can be applied directly to the focus objects, or coupling mechanisms to external user applications, to process, manipulate or transform focus objects in either the transparent interface or the visualization system.

WxAzygy(R) Basis Patent

Geological Society of America

October 2011 - Scott Shipley & Albert Peterlin summarize the 4DKMZ Story in digital poster at GSA in Minneapolis MN. Download the digital poster [pdf].

GSA Poster Icon

WxAnalyst completes NASA SBIR 2010-1

September 2011 - NASA SBIR 2010-1 S6.03-9634 titled "COLLADA Computing for Geophysical Applications" was completed, and a Phase II proposal submitted (pending). This SBIR Phase 1 activity was managed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and further advances the concepts and techniques of COLLADA ComputingTM.

NASA SBIR 2010 Phase 1 Icon

WxAnalyst & Hawaiian Airlines at NASA ESTF

June 2011 - Scott Shipley joins with Mark Spence, Manager of Dispatch Operations at Hawaiian Airlines, for invited presentation to NASA's Earth Science Technology Forum (ESTF), Pasadena CA. Download the presentation slides [pdf].


NOAA/NCDC Awards SBIR Phase 3 Contract

August 2010 - Extending NASA SBIR 2008-1 S6.04-9159 into Phase 3 without a Phase 2, NOAA NCDC executed a sole source contract with WxAnalyst, LTD and StormCenter Communications, Inc. of Baltimore (Halethorpe) MD. Under this agreement, NOAA IT personnel reviewed the WxAzygy® Source Code and approved an amended version for NOAA applications. Documentation and application are available on this site at


AGU Fall Meeting

December 2009 - Fall AGU Paper IN22A-05, "GIScience Operations with Virtual Globes" (2009) is the first public debuts of the WxAzygy® Transparent Interface (15 minute presentation).

AGU Fall Meeting 2009

WxAnalyst completes NASA SBIR 2008-1

July 2009 - NASA SBIR 2008-1 S6.04-9159 titled "GIS Function Coupling for Virtual Globes" was completed, as has resulted in a Patent Pending. This SBIR Phase 1 activity was managed by NASA Langley Research Center, and established the basis for the WxAzygy® Transparent Interface and the WxAzygy® Tools.

NASA SBIR 2008 Phase 1 Icon

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