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WxAzygy® Tools

by WxAnalyst LTD

Radar Beam Occultation

Self-contained global DEM

Portable - works without internet

WxAnalyst LTD has developed a commercial-class capability to calculate weather radar occultation patterns (Shipley et al., 2009) within a Virtual Globe environment such as Google Earth. The interactive nature of Google Earth is used to identify locations for radar equipment, place that equipment at a user defined location and then immediately acquire a depiction of occultation by terrain. WxAnalyst has used this capability internationally with multiple weather radar vendors to define optimal weather radar placement. WxAnalyst's achievements in this area have resulted in a set of utilities dubbed the WxAzygy® Tools. Customer needs for portable capability and operations without internet have resulted in a transportable version of WxAzygy® Tools, which is deployed on an external USB drive. A version of the WxAzygy® Tools is available for NASA World Wind.
WxAzygy Tools Portable Hard Drive
Download the WxAzygy(R) Tools White Paper [pdf]

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