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Grotto Creek - WxAzygy® Sample Data

This page provides instructions and links to the KML used to create Figures 9 & 10 of Katherine J.E. Boggs, M.M. Dordevic and S.T. Shipley (2012) Grotto Creek, Front Ranges, Canadian Cordillera: An Example of Google Earth Models, in Geoscience Canada. Summary of paper provided here by permission.

The Fair Use WxAzygy® (2010) is adapted to COLLADA models created with Sketchup 6.x. A newer release for SketchUp 8.x COLLADA models is in test for release in 2012. Please send comments and requests for WxAzygy® functionality to wxazygy@wxanalyst.com.

How To Reproduce Figure 10

Grotto Creek Figure 10
Figure 10 - WxAzygy® Tools operating in 3D on the selected COLLADA cross section. The WxAzygy® interface provides the ability to "point and click" on a COLLADA surface without leaving Google Earth. This add-on uses the GE COM API to interpret a user click event on the GE surface as an intersection with a COLLADA model along the user's line of sight. Note that the coordinates of the selected point provide the real world location {lon,lat} and height [meters] above the geoid, which in this example is below ground level.

A supplement is provided at http://wxanalyst.com/WxAzygy/Grotto_Creek/WorkingUnderground.pdf, briefly summarized as follows:

1) Remove the GE surface in Google Earth 5.x amd 6.0 by selecting Primary Database and moving transparency slider ("A") to the left. For Google Earth 6.2, highlight the Radar layer in the Weather folder then move transparency slider ("A") to the left.

2) Select the COLLADA surface ("B"), then select that surface as the Focus Layer ("C"). In WxAzygy® v21r (2010) this operation is supported in the Focus Layer interface ("C").

3) Drag the geoCursor ("D") to the point desired on the Focus Layer. Releasing the geoCursor acts as a "click" on that COLLADA surface. Information on the selected point is provided in the WxAzygy® interface.

KML Sample Data

GroundOverlay cut away
GroundOverlay section with cut away

in situ Section B & C
Grotto Creek Cross Section B
Grotto Creek Cross Section C

model for Section B & C
model structure for Section B
model structure for Section C

WxAzygy® v21r beta "Fair Use" release

Beta release (2010) for Windows and Google Earth COM API:

Manual for WxAzygy® version 21r:

Fair Use License:

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