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GIScience with Virtual Globes

WxAnalyst has pioneered Focus Objects (Patent Pending) to enable GIS and GIScience operations without leaving the Virtual Globe environment. Dubbed WxAzygy® (we pronounce it "wix'-a-zi-gee"), this innovation emerges from the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program with NASA and NOAA funding.

This page links to several 3D/4D WxAzygy® applications using a light client with Google Earth.

Grotto Creek Diagram
Katherine J.E. Boggs, M.M. Dordevic and S.T. Shipley (2012) Grotto Creek, Front Ranges, Canadian Cordillera: An Example of Google Earth Models, in Geoscience Canada.
KML and "how to" apply WxAzygy® is provided here.

COLLADA Duck and The Wall
S.T. Shipley and Mark D. Spence (2011) COLLADA Computing for Geophysical Applications, presentation to NASA Earth Science Technology Form. References the use of WxAzygy® at Hawaiian Airlines Dispatch Operations.

S.T. Shipley, S.J. Cantrell and A. Peterlin (2010) WxAzygyTM Transparent Interface for Google Earth, IIPS Paper J6.1, AMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Recorded Presentation.

Presentation Capture by EventCG.com
Click on image to watch video presentation (15 minutes)

WxAzygy at 2009 Fall AGU
Fall AGU Paper IN22A-05, "GIScience Operations with Virtual Globes" (2009)

WxAzygy® v21r beta "Fair Use" release

Beta release (2010) for Windows and Google Earth COM API:

Manual for WxAzygy® version 21r:

Fair Use License:

If you don't have an unzip utility, the two Windows installation components are here: setup_WxAzygy21r.exe and WxAzygy21r.msi (download both files to same folder and run setup).

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