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COLLADA Computing for Geophysical Applications

PROPOSAL NUMBER: 10-1 S6.03-9634
SUBTOPIC TITLE: Algorithms for Science Data Processing and Analysis
PROPOSAL TITLE: COLLADA Computing for Geophysical Applications
NASA COTR: Gregory Leptoukh, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Period of Performance: February-September 2011
Contract Number: NASA NNX11CF12P


The COLLADA(TM) open industry XML standard for 3D Graphics Exchange is applied for representation, combination and analysis of geophysical information from disparate sources in 4-Dimensions. COLLADA Computing provides a common linear framework for representing and associating COLLADA spatial-temporal objects from the atmospheric, oceanic, space and geologic domains. Once translated into COLLADA objects, disparate data can be combined and utilized to create cross-domain products regardless of the original coordinate system or data geometry, and can be viewed with any Virtual Globe that supports the COLLADA industry standard. COLLADA Computing algorithms will be developed in the JAVA language to support mathematical and topological operations on these COLLADA spatial objects on multiple compute platforms and operating systems. Linear approximations are applied within spatial tolerance limits for geometric position to enhance compute edfficiency. Using primarily the Affine Transformation, COLLADA Computing on extracts of very large datasets may be sufficient to create many derived products for initial review and analysis. The Phase 1 COLLADA Computing prototype will be demonstrated using Google Earth. Compatibility is also anticipated with the NASA World Wind JAVA SDK when an open source COLLADA geometry engine is added to that capability.

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